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Having to ask would become uncomfortable in those situations and so the person would not make any advancement for potential sexual activity.2) If teenagers were being asked and were not sure of what they actually wanted, they would be given a choice to say, “No” without any negative consequences or without guilt or pressure being applied to them. —poster at an abstinence conference I don't want my wife to sleep with anyone but me, and I want to give her the same respect. —Abi, It's Great to Wait, is the virtue that brings the sexual appetite into harmony with reason. —Pat Driscoll Dealing with saying 'No' is much easier than dealing with an STD or baby.—Dwayne, It's Great to Wait, easier to share your body than your soul.


Won’t teaching teenagers about consent lead to more sexual activity among those same teenagers?

I want to learn how to make love with the person I'll spend my life loving.



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