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When he refuses, Charlotte fights back, but is subdued by him and taken to her bed.

As Patrick ties her up, Charlotte continues to struggle and scratches his neck, sexually arousing him further.

When they finish talking, he waits for Lynn to go to bed, then sneaks inside the house.

Patrick approaches Lynn at her bedside and wakes her up, to which she asks him, "What took you so long?

Later, when Patrick is about to go out, Connie confronts him about how he isn't around a lot and asks him about watching sports with her.

He enters her home, sneaks up to Emma's bedroom, and watches her take a shower.

Once Emma goes to bed, Patrick reveals himself, has consensual sex with her, and begins to kill her.

" He promptly smiles, has sex with her, and then proceeds to kill her.

The next day, Charlotte Jacobsen, a family friend and Connie's tutor, tells Patrick to inform Stacey about Bare Reflections, having left a copy at the kitchen counter for her. Later that night, he breaks into Charlotte's house and hides under her bed without her knowing.In 2000, they had their first child together, a girl named Connie.


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