Apple tv podcasts not updating

With version 12.7, however, i Tunes returns to its roots as a media management application.

All support for the App Store and managing apps on an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch has been completely removed in favour of on-device app management, which is how the vast majority of i OS users are already managing their apps anyway.

In fact, even if you’re using i Tunes to back up your i OS device to your computer, only the app gets backed up; should you ever need to restore an i Tunes backup onto your device, the apps themselves will be reinstalled over-the-air from the App Store directly onto your device rather than being retransferred from your i Tunes library.

However, users who like to keep backups of their apps on their Mac or PC are going to be less enthusiastic about this update.

Therefore, a restore from a local i Tunes backup will effectively work the same way, with the appropriate versions of each app being downloaded from i Cloud after the restore completes.

Of course, this won’t help for situations where you want to install an older version of an app on your other devices, but if your primary concern is not losing an older version of an app if you ever have to restore your device, then i Tunes and i Cloud already have you covered.

Your Apple Music profile — and most of the related sharing features — can be accessed by clicking your photo in the top-right corner of the Apple Music “For You” page.

This will display a banner at the top with your name and handle, followed by a list of your playlists, stations and playlists you’ve recently listened to, and below that, other Apple Music users that are following you, and those that you have chosen to follow.Fortunately, the i Tunes 12.7 update isn’t quite as dire as many of these users might expect.


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