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Last year you told Buzzfeed that the band never actually broke up. So I think there’s that and I think there’s still the comparison between female artists to each other like, “she’s good among this (group of female songwriters).” But really I just want to be a songwriter.And I’ve had to work really hard and I’ve had to fight for my rights as a female front-person of a band. A I think I discovered my voice within my band and when I started asserting myself more, musically…

But if Gibbard limits the identifying details when it comes to people, he's more specific about places.

Did you see what Nirvana did at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? And it was a cool feminist way to accept that honour. I’m just trying to get better at what I do and hopefully that will impact women in music and hopefully the girls in the crowd will see my up there as a bandleader and think, ‘Wow, maybe I can do that one day.’ Q You’re playing “Just One of the Guys” for our session.


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