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Brett Culleton, a 35-year old Rockhampton Constable and World Fitness Federation professional bodybuilder, was charged with one count of Trafficking in a Dangerous Drug (anabolic steroids); one count of Failing to Dispose of a Syringe and Needle; and one count of Possessing a Mobile Phone Used in the Commission of a Crime.

All offenses are violations of Australia’s Drugs Misuse Act of 1986.

The steroids and bodybuilding helped him deal with the stresses of working with suicide cases, domestic assaults and victims of horrific automobile accidents during his time as a police constable.

Pryczek was fined 0 and sentenced with a non-conviction recorded.

Individual muscle fibres were isolated and tested to see how fast and powerfully they contracted.

The results of these experiments allowed the team to make an assessment of muscle quality.


''It appears that excessive muscle growth may have detrimental effects on the quality of the muscle, and one may well be better off with normal-sized muscles than with metabolically expensive large muscles.'' Bodybuilders are only strong because they have so much muscle mass - enough to compensate for the weakness of each gram, the research suggests.Two Rockhampton Police Constables Including a WFF Pro Bodybuilder Busted on Anabolic Steroid Charges Two police constables and a female bodybuilder made a court appearance to face various charges involving police misconduct and drug offenses at the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on April 20, 2017.


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