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Thoughts and prayers are with you now and in the days ahead. During one of the roughest times of my life he was like an uncle who helped me through some tough spots. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Arnaldo ( Willie ) Rivera I truly was blessed with the best big sister ever you had my back from day one The door to your home and heart was always open to me I will miss that for the rest of my days Rest In Peace my sister and thank you Will miss you Carolyn. Then you graduated and I was alone at home (the only girls besides Mom.You will be missed and Heaven has gained a great man for the team Rest in peace my beloved sister, may you rest in peace, you will be greatly missed. We love Carlos wife Alicia and all your nephew and niece Cuchita: My deepest sympathy on your loss. I will remember our times at band practice and performances. You and Charlene, first trumpets, Phillip and I were second seat. When we grew up, we kind of grew apart, but found each other in the early 80"s, and life was great.She shared words of wisdom and always balanced her advice with kind words and truth even when it was tough to speak them.I was so blessed to have known Donna and I have carried with me and shared with my loved ones many of the wonderful things I learned from her. My sister and I heard about you and seen pictures of you in letters sent to us by Auntie Hazel.

You cut my hair, babysat my younger siblings, and made insane Christmas cookie platters!

You always made it someplace to be proud to be a part of. see you later love Frank was the first person I saw every morning when I came to work for the past 12 years. With deepest sympathy and love I have always loved and admired Terrie for her honest straightforwardness, sense of humor, work ethic and especially the wonderful job she did in raising her children who exhibit those same qualities. I always had nice conversations and laughs when I went to pick Murphy up. I am sure she is missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Love Chris, Mike, and Murphy How blessed must I be to miss you this much. I am so grateful for all the times we had together. ILY The loss of a parent is always tough, but for all they put up with moms hold a special place in our hearts. You have left the most precious gifts on this earth.children, and the family will live on and on through you. Genny's Nova Scotia cousins have fond memories of her visits to Gilbert's Cove, N. An intelligent woman, she was always kind, witty and interesting.

I am so sad to lose my good friend, Maryann, but at the same time glad that she is free. I always knew he, being a senior dog, was in good hands with Carol and Joanne. I was fortunate to see her when she and Jim lived in Bedford, Nova Scotia in the late 1980's.

Rest in Peace Cousin Wish we had found each other years ago but so glad I found you even to know by phone and internet.


I know I don't help to worry about you my friend I could tell you knew your God.The best two words that I think is perfect is THANK YOU! Lucille was always a part of my life, a friend and a neighbor for many years, since we first met in 1976. Whenever I needed a helping hand Frank was there for me and he was always the first one to help out anyone that needed anything. I will truly miss him My heartfelt condolences to the Castoro family during this very difficult time. May his life and legacy be ever present as you reflect on the many wonderful memories shared as a family. We are so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Mom.


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    Editor's Note: Immediately prior to my arrival for the interview, another Indianapolis film critic had interviewed the four "American Teen" stars in a group interview.

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    The lowest rate (4%) was registered in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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    The potential here is obvious and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out a secret crush feels the same way, but as there's a certain...directness to Down, it's wise to use it with caution.

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