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In the country lies the greatest numerical strength of Baptist and yet there is found our greatest weakness in point of efi6ciency. Society 21.74 20 per cent dividend Peoples Bank 73-90 Cash from summer school 22080 Total : ,473.06 J. $ 44.50 Camp Creek Church 25.00 Round Hill Church 22.92 Lynn Pacolet Church . 40.00 Cove Church 11315 Bills Creek Church 12.00 First Baptist Church of Marion / 8.60 Mt. An opposite problem is presented in the changing conditions of country life, where we must go with great forces of men and money.

405 foreign missionaries are now under appointment, 72 having been sent out during the year. This presents an increase over last year of 68 schools and 4,352 students. We have now 24 foreign physicians and 8 foreign mission nurses, who gave last year 154,070 treatments. It is the candid judg- ment of the writer of this report that no such opportunity' has ever been given to any people since the day of Pentecost, as now confronts Southern Baptists in their work on the foreign field. We now have 611 churches, 187 of which (almost one-third) are se f-supporting. Their contrtbutions last year amounted to about five dollars per member. Statistics are not obtain- able upon the Baptist population of the Southern part of Russia. The highest attitude in the number of baptisms was reached in the baptism of 6,993 converts. In these same territories there are 29,300 Baptists already, without counting any Baptists in the Ukraine. 41,727 scholars were instructed in our 907 Sunday Schools. Thus it will observed that Southern Baptists have a heritage rich indeed, but fraught with fearful responsibility.

347^ or few more than half, own their own houses of worship. From statistics known before the war, we would guess there are in Southern Russia between fifty and one hundred thousand Baptists.

Your money and mine will help to cast the die for their future. Through this agency Southern Baptist in the largest way make it possible for the strong to help the weak.


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