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Sean, Fran, Destin and CJ all discuss a lot this week including the current balance of the game, endgame tweaks they'd love and thoughts on how mods could evolve to be amazing. In this spoiler free episode on we discuss our reactions to the PC beta, how we feel about the Raid being release so close to launch and hypothesize about Trials in Destiny 2. This week our discussion is all about Destiny's original subclass system's faults and we would love to see them improved and problems Guided Games could face in Destiny 2. At the Destiny 2 reveal event we sat down with Bungie's Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy to ask some tough questions about PS4 Pro at 30fps, dedicated servers and what we can expect from the sequel. It's our final show before the gameplay reveal on May 18th and there are rumors of pets, new subclasses and more swirling.We also discuss what we think the sequel needs in this exciting episode. During Activision's earnings call they confirmed that there will be some unique features to the PC version of the game.

They also discuss what it could be like if Destiny 2 doesn't launch with Trials of Osiris. New Destiny 2 images have been posted featuring some of our favorite weapons so we discuss our hopes for the sequel while we discuss our take on the challenge modes in the current raids. Our Fireteam Chat crew have a ton of details about the reveal trailer of Destiny 2 and My Name is Byf stops by to drop some lore knowledge on all of us.Fran talks about why we should be cautiously optimistic about Rise of Iron, Destin's positive for once in his life and Sean... This week we discuss our pre-hype levels of excitement for the DLC, and the multiplayer adjustments effect... Check out: Does Destiny Destin and Sean are at PAX South this week.But Fran is still on the scene with special guests: My Name Is Byf are on this week.They also discuss some patch notes, and their first Trials and Iron Banner thoughts.


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Destin, Fran, CJ, and Sean sit down to talk about the advantages Destiny 2 could have on Xbox Scorpio and how it will compare to the PC and PS4 Pro versions of the game.


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