Chatroulette diamond

The temperatures had been nearing 100 degrees F for the last few days so it was nice to have most of the day to cool off in the pool or by the beach.

Thursday night was no exception and we found ourselves riding in the dark to a recommended resort only to have the guard tell us it was full. We saw a sign to another resort hotel and back tracked to that place.

When we arrived the heavily armed guard seem shocked to have guests and eventually led us to the reception office.

It became clear we were about the only guests in this rather large complex and even though we arrived well after dark we were told to wait while our rooms were prepared.

In the end it worked out and we found ourselves in nice little stand-alone buildings.


We needed to get to the restaurant before they closed at which surprised us with a pretty good meal. Golfing season is here and players are always looking for that extra edge to improve their game.


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