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I know plenty of people have asked for healing and it hasn't happened. I can only be thankful that my epilepsy isn't fatal like cancer or isn't even really bad ie grand mal seizures every single day. As it happens, I haven't actually stopped taking my meds and haven't even reduced them - I will never do that unless I'm 200% positive that my epilepsy has been completely healed ie seen the medical 'proof' for this which I assume will be through an MRI scan or something similar.A lot of my friends are still unaware of the reason I am at home. They are so envious, it would be funny if it were not so sad. Perhaps my underutilised Psychology major can be put to good use, too. Andwhile I have now asked and believed in God healing me, I am still by no means certain that this physical healing has happened.I am a Christian but I have also lived with epilepsy for 16 years (half my life) I have never been quite sure about asking God for healing (although many friends have suggested I should) but today I feel like I've had a bit of a break through on this front after re-reading one of Jesus' healing stories.So I've laid myself at His feet as it were, and I'm now praying with all my heart and all my belief that he will heal me of the humiliation, the fear, the medication that epilepsy is for me - to say nothing of the issues with driving a car.



I have not driven for a number of years, and I don't plan to drive again.

I guess this is partly why the issue of healing is now such a big one for me. Of course, this also means I can't drive too which is making me pretty depressed and frustrated as I love my independence and freedom. I'm seeing a good neurologist now, we're experimenting with different meds and I'm even possibly seeing a neuropsychologist in the new year.


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