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As a member of the Archaeology of Roman Religion Group (obviously the coolest group of all), I planned a session on “Dating Early Christian Papyri: Old and New Methods”. First of all, in recent years there have been lively discussions on the dating of the earliest copies of the New Testament, driven in some cases by ideology (you remember all those laughs about the first-century Mark fragment madness, right?

By the way, I believe there might be fun developments forthcoming…so stay tuned), and in others by well-argued doubts about the methods papyrologists have applied so far in order to date such manuscripts.

He was always there for every step of the way for his wife and children and there was never a time where he put his own needs before those around him.

Friends and family will recall his witty and bright sense of humor throughout the years, he always was able to make others around him smile and laugh.

MADISON - Christopher Colin Mc Grath, age 49, husband, father, brother, uncle and friend to many passed away from complications due to colon and liver cancer on Fri September 29, 2017. He passed his drumming and appreciation for all types of music to both of his children and as a result, they are also talented musicians.

Chris was born in Madison, Wisconsin on August 25, 1968 to Michael and Peggy (Martin) Mc Grath. Most importantly, Chris was the rock of our family.

(There is now a very useful IT tool that provides dated comparanda for documentary papyri: Pap Pal).


Douglas Meeks, Cal Turner Chancellor Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Vanderbilt University Divinity School "An expert at luring the reader into the imposing terrain of theological thought, Alister Mc Grath navigates its winding paths with energy and grace. Mc Grath as beacon and guide, it is a satisfying journey." —The Rev.

List of Illustrations xxi Preface xxiii To the Student: How to Use This Book xxvii To the Teacher: How to Use This Book xxix The Structure of the Book: The Fifth and Sixth Editions Compared xxxiii Video and Audio Resources xxxv PART I LANDMARKS: PERIODS, THEMES, AND PERSONALITIES OF CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY 1Introduction 31 The Patristic Period, c.100–c.700 52 The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, c.700–c.1500 213 The Age of Reformation, c.1500–c.1750 384 The Modern Period, c.1750 to the Present 57PART II SOURCES AND METHODS 815 Getting Started: Preliminaries 836 The Sources of Theology 1047 Knowledge of God: Natural and Revealed 1358 Philosophy and Theology: Dialogue and Debate 152PART III CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY 1739 The Doctrine of God 17510 The Person of Jesus Christ 20711 The Nature and Basis of Salvation 24612 The Holy Spirit 28013 The Trinity 29914 Human Nature, Sin, and Grace 32715 The Church 35416 The Sacraments 38117 Christianity and the World Religions 40518 Last Things: The Christian Hope 426Jargon-Busting: A Glossary of Theological Terms 449Sources of Citations 456Acknowledgments 465Index 466 "Alister Mc Grath has proven himself a master at engagingly and simply introducing Christian theology in all of its contested complexity.

The fifth edition continues the development of the art to the great profit of student and teacher.

In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested to the family for the education of their children.

So I am super-late in reporting a much fun session I organised and chaired on November 21 in San Antonio (Texas), at the last Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, a monster of a conference gathering together thousands of people interested in the history of the Bible from the most amazing perspectives.

Secondly, new technologies and methodologies developed by the so-called “hard” sciences have appeared opening new possibilities to scholars.


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