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Thus there are accepted standards for doing genealogy "properly" - standards that we recommend you seek to learn and emulate.

The term Family History used to be regarded as synonymous with Genealogy, but now it applies to biographical research into one's ancestors - the aim typically being to produce a well-documented narrative history, of interest to family members and perhaps future generations.

Susan RENKERT of Alaska makes up a list of songs they used to sing, foods they liked, favorite flowers, sayings they used often, etc..

And these interviews can be taped and saved for the future.

If you have found information in a reference book, make sure you keep enough reference material to enable you to walk back into the same place five years later, locate the book and find the reference again.Almost invariably it is best to work backwards, from known information about already-identified ancestors, in seeking their ancestors.(See the description of the basic method of doing this using civil registration records.) Trying to work forwards, e.g seeking descendants of the famous historical figure that family legend claims as an ancestor of yours in the hope of somehow eventually reaching your own family, is very rarely profitable.When you publish the results of your research, cite the exact sources (e.g.


particular census returns, probate records, etc.) which you have used and on whose accuracy you are relying.Many people like to have a photocopy of the records they find.


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