Curved celebrity dating posting

A month later, Erica entered her freshman year at Pepperdine University, where she's studying international business, marketing, and psychology.


In the year that followed, the 14-year-old's life turned into a well-deserved fantasy.But Essena isn't letting the haters stop her from sharing her message.She launched her own blog, Let's Be Gamechangers, and she still makes videos on Vimeo, and is even writing a book.Erica Jean Schenk, 18: The Curve Model Throwing Fashion a Curveball!

) She became an instant icon for curvy girls everywhere, advocating for greater body diversity in the modeling industry, breaking down stereotypes about curves, and promoting body acceptance.But it wasn't until she edited her captions to reflect the truth behind each photo and quit social media in an emotional video, that she went viral.


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