Dating while still living with parents who is vector dating

You need to respect their privacy; it’s not like sharing with your college friends.

Always make sure your parents know if your partner is staying before hand.

When it comes to dating, a particular bugbear for many singles is whether or not you live with your parents.

A staggering 3.3 million young adults still live with their parents under the age of 34, and people are bound to have an opinion on how it might affect their love lives.

If you’re concerned about sound, play some music to cover any creaking beds and make sure you keep the door locked.

However relaxed your parents are about your partner don’t assume he or she can move in or stay with you more than one or two nights a week.

He knows what time they sleep, and he knows what time they putter around the upstairs hallway near his bedroom.


He also knows how to shut doors quietly, tiptoe around the squeaky stair, and silence a barking dog.If you're lucky, they might even be starched and ironed. Let's be real: a 28 year-old male who still lives at home isn't exactly a hot commodity. Do you really want other women clamoring for dates with your Chris Pine look-alike? The possibility of being caught in the act is sexy as hell.


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