Error 80072f8f updating windows

I don't have an in-depth knowledge of certs so below is what I've done so far: 1) On the WSUS server, opened up IIS, created a domain certificate but the "Select" box was grayed out when trying to specify the CA.

I ended up manually inputting the CAname\servername 2) Set the binding in IIS to use the newly generated certificate under port 8531 3) "Required" SSL on all the virtual directorys per the documentation 4) Ran /configuressl (confirmed https is bound to fqdn:8531) 5) Configured WSUS GPO to point to https://fqdn_of_wsus_server:8531 After I did all that I rebooted the WSUS server and opened up the WSUS console and I was getting a connection error.

When i trigger a check-in via /detectnow or through the windows update UI, i get an error.

Checked the Windows on the client machine and it basically says it wasn't able to hit https://fqdn_of_wsus_server:8531/selfupdate/, but manually navigating to that URL succeeds on the client machine and I'm able to download that cab file. I don't think I've installed that update on the wsus server yet but I've since resolved my problem.

Microsoft Windows now have control over most of the Windows Phones.

As every one know Windows OS is used by wide population in the world.

I opened up a MMC console and added the Certificates snap-in.

Process of Backup of Windows Phones is also Shown Below.I was trying to work through the Microsoft guide to enable SSL on our WSUS server and ran into a few problems.Looks like i was able to set the WSUS server to run with SSL as the connection type on the WSUS console shows "Local/SSL".Date and time are the two factors which are very important when you are updating or installing any app.

So here first thing you have to do is to Cancel all the updates and installs.You should also replace your falling CMOS battery as soon as possible.


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