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Look guys the Philippines islands is a third world country and some are desperate but if a girl really wants you, make sure you know she is a sincere Filipina and do not give in to her request.


The next day her friend emailed me to say this girl is a gold digger & does this for a living and makes money chatting to many western men and scamming them this way!

Many culture clashes and divorces to a Filipina wife may come from this reason.

To be honest I struggled with this area a lot until I visited the Philippines Islands and seen how poor they really are.

I felt so guilty & bad but inside I also wasn’t sure if she was trying to scam me or not. Then she asked me if only I can just send a few thousand peso?

I told her that as we just started to talk and not really in a relationship as yet and I cannot help everyone who ask.

I was very angry but since then always go with my gut instincts.


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    Now, I will say that the vast majority of my porn collection is hardcore rather than solo.

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    If I don't reply after 4 days I maybe busy if not still replying after a week.

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    its safe and not to confusing for the computer impaired lol Teen Chat the best of the best ..

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