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Some parents like to snoop through their teens’ diaries, rooms and cell phones, and if you’re a teen with a snooping parent, then one of these apps will prevent them from reading your private text messages and viewing your private photos.If you have an i Phone or i Pad and you’re looking for the ultimate app to hide text messages, and more, then here are some top choices: There are many reasons why a person may want to hide text messages on their cell phones.Not only can some of the apps available help you to keep your text messages hidden, but many of them will allow you to keep phone numbers, phone call history and other information hidden from anyone’s prying eyes.How do you feel about data security, private text messages, sexting or other concerns regarding messaging?Perhaps you are working with clients and you need to keep any text messages, files, videos and related information private.There are certain laws in effect that could cause someone to sue you should you disclose their private information.Gogo is a popular Wi-Fi platform that costs money, but customers won't need to pay for access to send and receive messages on those three platforms.Standard SMS text messages, which use cellular networks, will not work.



A person might want an app for hiding text messages because of work.

With the abundance of apps available for all types of devices these days, it is possible to find an app for just about any need that may arise.


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