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In this experiment, male passersby were contacted either on a fear-arousing suspension bridge or a non-fear-arousing bridge by an attractive woman who asked them to fill out questionnaires.Sexual arousal toward the woman was greater in subjects on the fear-arousing bridge.Tomorrow I'll start, but today I'm going to enjoy one last order of chicken wings." The sex is especially great when the relationship was basically good but nonromantic reasons, such as different life plans, force the two to separate.Breakup sex involves the caring that remains despite the separation.As Aradia describes her breakup sex, "We'd have one last hurrah and it was a damn great one! It actually really helped and it'll be a nice memory down the line." Due to its terminal nature, people feel no inhibitions or constraints in breakup sex and behave in however they wish, without worrying about the after-effect or the future.In this moving but sad experience, people usually do not speak of the bad times and what ruined the relationship; they are immersed in the exciting presence, knowing that no future remains.



It's really hard to explain till you experience it! ” An anonymous man Make-up sex is wild and extremely gratifying sex that people report having experienced after having had an intense fight.

The arousal transfer mechanism is involved in this case as well.


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