Gentoo config files in etc need updating


Yes I know I can remove software at this time that I will never use and save time when I recompile the system, but this is my unofficial stable system and I know it will work cause I have done it several times.


Your processor is probably plotting some sort of revenge against you at this time. Well, you are gonna have some config files that are screaming for an update.Now I prefer to do : Notice I have not done an emerge --sync yet and I don't want to do that yet, that will come later. This a great thing to do when you are about to go to bed.After that is done, I like to do the world recompile: Now you look at that and go what happened to the D ? Now you are probably sitting there thinking I thought SL doesn't recommend a world update.I look over the remaining ones left and determine if they are safe or not to update.

Off the top of my head I believe all changes in 3.3 are safe, but look and if you are unsure, don't do it. Let's live dangerously and reboot, I mean a reinstall is only 40 minutes to do anyway right?

Once a package fails I simply: YAY more packages to compile! So we wait for that to finish and I usually fix the errors as it goes along since it isn't very many packages.


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