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"Some of this stuff is pretty vulgar." After they read through his dictionary, parents appreciate the education, Jones says."Parents write me thank you notes all the time, and I occasionally get hate letters from teens," he says.In his online dictionary, there are thousands of slang terms related to drugs and sex (there are 88 drug shortcuts beginning with the letter "a" alone)."A- boot," for example, means someone is under the influence of drugs, "cu46" means "see you for sex," and "gnoc" means "get naked on cam," meaning a webcam.Through the medium of the internet, one cannot be judged and can pretend to be anyone, only limited by the imagination.A psychiatrist explains that the high proportion of married couples having cyber sex is because in this way they are able to satisfy their urge for infidelity, while avoiding the risk of being caught."Whether you're a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer or simply a concerned friend -- it's important to stay up to date on the latest drug-related slang terms," Jones writes on the website.You won't find every drug- and sex-related term on Jones' website.


As a joke, they'd gone into their dad's AOL account and sent silly, innocent instant messages to everyone in the office, and none of the adults could understand the shortcuts and slang.

If the answers are no, you're not a teenager who uses alcohol or drugs.


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