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"I love my little girl," he slurred as his rough hand squeezing her small breasts. She reached between them and took his cock and guided it between her legs, putting its head against the opening to her vagina.He groped inside her panties, pushing his finger into her dry vagina. "Push Ben, put your cock inside me." Ben pushed, and his small cock easily slipped inside his sister's wet vagina." Later That Day PM Ben's Bedroom Kate knocked on her brother's bedroom door. " "Okay sis." Ben was sitting on his bed playing with his game console. He had turned a lot of routine traffic stops into arrests for more serious crimes, just by observing the driver's and passenger's reactions to his questions, as well as making a quick but detailed scan of the vehicle's interior."Ben, I just told grandma that I'm pregnant, I'm going to have a baby." "You're going to have a baby? He was asked if he would like to join the detective division, to which he quickly said yes. "Don't bother with the videos posted by the sex tourists who frequent the well-known areas in Thailand, it's hard to find out who or even where the victims are. All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental.The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.She put her arm around his waist and helped him walk to his bedroom.A couple of times he almost fell as he crashed against the wall in his drunken stupor. " "Well your tits are pressing into my back sis." "Let me make you feel good," she said as she rolled him onto his back; she put all of his small stiff cock into her mouth and started to suck.


The first time he forced her to suck his cock while he masturbated spurting his cum into her mouth, almost made her throw up.Fortunately, most of the time his drinking made him incapable of maintaining an erection; he would then get mad and hit her, or fall asleep on top of her.



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