Hermaphrodites porn

The rest of the chapter is filled with stories of tribades of antiquity (Sappho and others), and various phantasies about ‚oriental‘ tribades; in fact, it is pure erotic Orientalism, and almost invariably, some male voyeur is part of the scene.

So what begins with an unexpected reference to a medieval hermaphrodite quickly turns in rather conventional modern pornography.

L’un des plus étonnans est celui d’un moine à Issoire en Auvergne, où le cardinal de Fleury fit exiler en 1739 le garde-des-sceaux Chauvelin.

Ce moine avoit les deux sexes ; on lit dans le couvent ces vers à son sujet : Cependant les registres du couvent portent que ce moine ne s’engrossa point lui-même ; il n’avoit pas été tout à la fois agent & patient.

Whether or not you think a book that makes you look up half the technical terms it employs counts as ‚porn‘, it certainly was censored, forbidden, chastised and on several occaions destroyed (only 14 copies of the first edition are said to have survived). Chronologically at least, it is a product of the Ancien Régime.But at the same time I'm not at all aroused by the idea of engaging in sexual activities with a guy.



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