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My small hobby grew to something a bit bigger than I could have expected but it has been quite the journey.


The word hip in the sense of "aware, in the know" is first attested in a 1902 cartoon by Tad Dorgan, His collection of Napoleana is the finest in this country; he is an authority on French history of that period—in fact, he's as nearly hipped on the subject as a man of his powers can be considered hipped on anything. Wodehouse has his aristocratic narrator, Bertie Wooster use the term 'get hep' in his 1946 novel 'Joy in the Morning'.

The jive is hip, don't say hep That's a slip of the lip, let me give you a tip Don't you ever say hep it ain't hip, NO IT AIN'T It ain't hip to be loud and wrong Just because you're feeling strong You try too hard to make a hit And every time you do you tip your mitt It ain't hip to blow your top The only thing you say is mop, mop, mop Keep cool fool, like a fish in the pool That's the golden rule at the Hipster school You find yourself talking too much Then you know you're off the track That's the stuff you got to watch Everybody wants to get into the act It ain't hip to think you're "in there" Just because of the zooty suit you wear You can laugh and shout but you better watch out Cause you don't know what it's all about, man Man you ain't hip if you don't get hip to this hip and hep jive Now get it now, look out Man get hip with the hipster, YEAH!

was virtually uninhabited by young adults with wealthy parents.” Kale is the subject of most of the jokes, and Lena Dunham is crowned the winner.

After the Second World War, the term moved into general parlance. Jack Kerouac described his mid-century contemporaries as "the new American generation known as the 'Hip' (the Knowing)"; Hey you know there's a lot of talk going around about this hip and hep jive.

Lots of people are going around saying "hip." Lots of squares are coming out with "hep." Well the hipster is here to inform you what the jive is all about.

I'm a photographer, adventurer and daydreamer who enjoys taking surreal pictures.



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    Alas, the event is over but the night has just begun.

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    Police say the men had shoplifted from the store but apparently their car wouldn't start.

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