Historic missouri numbers dating back to1988

O’Fallon is the fifth fastest-growing city in the St.

Louis area, according to figures compiled by the city.

On the other hand, Obama became the first elected president since Andrew Jackson to win a second full term with a smaller share of the popular vote than he took in his first victory.

And he faced a resounding repudiation among whites.

The questions for the country may be even more difficult than those facing either party.

Even as Obama won convincingly in the Electoral College, his victory underscored the enduring polarization along ideological, regional, and racial lines: For instance, while about three-fifths of Hispanics and three-fourths of African-Americans who voted said they wanted his health care law maintained or even expanded, nearly three-fifths of whites said they wanted it repealed.

The president captured an overwhelming 80 percent of those voters, including not only more than nine in 10 African-Americans, but also about seven in 10 Hispanics, and about three in four Asians.

In this election, Obama's deficit among whites swelled to 20 points, according to the exit polls as of 1 a.m. In winning reelection, Obama captured a smaller share of the white vote than John Kerry did when he lost in 2004.

Yet while Obama's victory was emphatic from some angles, it was tenuously equivocal from others.

On the one hand, Obama's success underscored the demographic and geographic advantages that Democrats have developed over the past quarter-century in the race for the White House.

The campaign showed the parties to be divided as deeply in the direction they want to take America as at any time since 1980, if not 1964.

Yet the election once again showed the nation to be divided extremely closely.In that way, the election offered warning signs to each party.



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    The average household size was 2.32 and the average family size was 2.93. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 87.7 males.

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