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I was raising two girls and their father was my first and only boyfriend. I'm a born again Christian, and if I do start dating again, I will not engage in premarital sex.

If a man does not understand/accept that, I won't even consider dating him. The drama was either my ex called too much or he wanted to see our child too much.

" I always want to give them my baby daddy's mobile number so they can ask him. Needless to say, almost 10 years and another child later, we got divorced.

Why do they assume that I - the woman - must have done something wrong? A guy once asked me: "You got nice boobs and I am assuming that you must have breastfed? So I had to find out if I was simply a magnet for douchebags, or if other single moms are experiencing the same horrors. For a while after the divorce, I was stuck in the stigma of being a divorced single mom.

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Being a single mother with a demanding, full-time job is not easy.

I also felt I could not bring another man into my house.

So after leaving Joburg as a single mother, I moved to Cape Town to start a new life with my two boys. So, seeing that I work on various social media platforms, I created the group, Cape Town Singles on Facebook.


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