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The Zimbabwean national, whose given address in Sutton is 12 miles from Grenfell Tower in west London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court today charged with seven counts of fraud by false representation.

Prosecutors allege she falsely claimed that she managed to flee the blaze but said her husband died in the tower inferno while her son was gravely injured.

You can read about my experience getting a visa to Iran here.



Though, in a few hours Mina and I are backpacking to Marivan, a small Kurdish city on the border to Iraq.

Plus, so many backpackers whom I met in Central Asia absolutely raved about their time backpacking through Iran.

The hospitable people, delicious food and historic sites – how could I not add backpacking Iran to my travel itinerary?

Msokeri is charged with making false claims to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to secure cash and accommodation between June 14 and 29.


Another charge alleges she did the same again to the council to secure accommodation.

Just make sure that your tops and/or jackets that you wear outside hit around your mid-thigh and aren’t low cut.


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