Kris humphries dating ways of validating data

Apparently Kris has been dating Fatmire - who goes by Myla - for the past five months, according to TMZ - meaning their relationship has already lasted longer than his ill-fated 72-day marriages to 31-year-old Kim.They have apparently been seeing each other regularly, meeting at various basketball games where the New Jersey Nets (now called Brooklyn Nets) star provided her and family members with courtside seats.

Kardashian married Humphries in August of 2011 after dating for just a few months and only being engaged 90 days.

When he was dating and then married to Kim K., he played for the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets.

Now, he plays for the Atlanta Hawks, after signing to several different teams post-divorce.

She blasted him over his song Theraflu in which West disses Humphries, rapping: 'And I admit I fell in love with Kim...

Born on February 6, 1985, Kris Humphries is a professional basketball player who was famously engaged and briefly married to reality star Kim Kardashian.

It’s hard to remember a time when Kim Kardashian wasn’t married to, or at least dating, Kanye West.


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