Lance bass dating a married

As a young boy, Bass dreamed of becoming an astronaut, so much so that his father took him to Florida's Cape Canaveral to see a shuttle launch when Bass was 9 years old.

Bass had hoped to turn the event into a reality TV series, but was unable to finalize the deal after failing to secure the million needed to pay for his training and flight.

NEWS: Lance Bass Confirms He Wasn’t Invited to Justin Timberlake’s 2012 Wedding The former *NSYNC member and his husband Michael Turchin have discussed having kids in the past and may be ready to start the process soon.podcast with Matthew Cole Weiss Tuesday, August 30.

“Plan it, of course, but there’s no perfect time to do it.

As a member of the boy band ' N Sync, Bass and his bandmates became heartthrob sensations and sold millions of records.

Since the band's breakup in 2002, Bass has pursued work as an actor and producer.

I kept telling myself over the past few years, ‘Well, I want to make sure, you know, if this show gets picked up, then I know I’ll be in L. for the next five years, so then that’ll be the time,’ ” he continued.


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