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It was an avid supporter of racial integration in schools and thoroughly publicized its support in its pages.

In 1957, because of its strong position during the Little Rock Segregation Crisis, white advertisers held another boycott to punish the newspaper for supporting desegregation.

While Governor Orval Faubus and his supporters were refusing even token desegregation of Central High School, this editorial appeared on the front page: “It is the belief of this paper that since the Negro’s loyalty to America has forced him to shed blood on foreign battle fields against enemies, to safeguard constitutional rights, he is in no mood to sacrifice these rights for peace and harmony at home”.

Throughout its existence, the Arkansas State Press covered all social news happening within the state.

Her father was a member of the NAACP many years before and she recounts asking him why he joined the organization.

Opposite to gradual approach, this newspaper mainly wanted immediate reform in Arkansas’ educational system.


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