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Off-street parking is available behind our building.Directions: From Ruthven Street, turn east onto Herries Street then left onto Neil Street.Dr Hocknull said it was a great opportunity for students to discover what used to exist in their own backyards."Palaeontology is like a gateway to science — especially for kids — because they always love dinosaurs and now they get to learn about megafauna which are well after the time of dinosaurs," he said.Dr Hocknull said dinosaurs differed to megafauna before they existed 65 million years ago, whereas megafauna roamed tropical north Queensland between 30,000–50,000 years ago."But these are enormous animals and finding their bones and seeing a real fossil in the ground is mind-blowing for most kids, and it certainly was for me when I saw my first fossil and it locked me into science for the rest of my life," he said.Since then, using hammers, chisels and brushes, palaeontologists have since come across wide range of fossils dating back to more than 30,000 years ago.Palaeontologist with the Queensland Museum Dr Scott Hocknull said one of the fossils might have belonged to a new species of kangaroo."Based on the size of its shin bones it was probably two and a half metres tall just in a resting position," Dr Hocknull said."But we need to continue to excavate the site, and it will come out in the wash over the years whether this new species is legitimate or not."But certainly it is the tallest kangaroo found anywhere on the planet." A number of school students had the privilege of helping palaeontologists unearth the site in August.Dr Hocknull said the reason for the fossils being so well preserved was because huge crocodiles preyed on the megafauna that existed at the time."Crocodiles were living in the rivers and these giant megafauna — giant kangaroos and wombats — were coming down the water's edge to drink, and then bam they're being taken by these huge crocodiles," he said.



Off-street parking is available for patients in front of our building.

Off street parking is available, plus limited disabled parking undercover.


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