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We threw around some ideas, Chris’ wife came up with the idea of dressing up as Magnum PI. We came up with the idea of going to a Tiger's game and yeah." – Gabe Tuccini Bros: "The perfect combination of simple costume and really great idea.Anybody can throw it together It was amazing." – Joe Tuccini Bros: "Hey real quick, are my balls showing?I had real hair mustaches from Bangladesh we were gluing on people.The magnum cutout we got from a cutout shop in Brooklyn.Tuccini Bros: "They're manly smells." – Group Chat Sports: Chris, it says on Facebook that you studied 'fighting, farting and fucking' at 'Fuck College Street Knowledge.' First question, where is that located? Tuccini Bros: "I thought we were keeping it PG." - Chris Chat Sports: This is Facebook, the FCC can't do anything.



The three Tuccini brothers, Chris, Joe and Gabe, were the ring-leaders of the Magnum PI Bachelor Party and they sat down with Chat Sports for an interview and provided numerous photos.Your Facebook page refers to you as Chris Doucheccini Tuccini. You don't get to pick your own nickname and I am Doucheccini." Chat Sports: This has been your 15 minutes of fame, so what does your 15 minutes smell like? My first question is why did your parents hate you so much to give you that middle name? Tuccini Bros: "Rotten mustaches" – Gabe Tuccini Bros: "Smells like mustaches from Bangladesh." – Chris Tuccini Bros: "Two-day old shawarma." – Joe Chat Sports: These do not sound like positive smells. We’re all married except for Joe, and we all had epic bachelor parties.


And we wanted to send Joe off with the most epic bachelor party.

We'd like to bring up our sponsor, Just for Men, Mustache dye ... Tuccini Bros: "The Star Wars was thing was a pure coincidence. before, because I’ve got a beautiful freaking mustache going here. We were lucky to get only 45 thrown out." - Chris Chat Sports: There's the Tom Selleck cutout, how much did that cost you?



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