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Several countries have already laid out ambitious plans to eliminate fossil fuel-powered automobiles.Environment Minister Hulot said it won’t be easy for France, either. But the solutions are there.” And, as the world’s sixth-largest economy, and with one of the world’s largest automotive markets, the proposed ban on the internal combustion engine could have significant impact far beyond France’s borders.If France’s Environment Minister has his way, the country could join a small but growing list of countries that plan to ban vehicles running on gasoline, diesel or other fossil fuels.The proposal was announced late last week by Minister Nicolas Hulot and appeared timed to coincide with the G20 meeting in Germany where many European leaders, including new French President Emmanuel Macron, challenged U. President Donald Trump over his decision to walk away from the Paris Climate Accord.The vast majority of Texas physicians willingly pursue and obtain their initial certification for just that reason.ABMS introduced MOC in the past 20 years, granting a lifetime certification to physicians board certified at the time of its creation.


Texas’ SB 1148 prohibits the state from using MOC as a requirement for state licensure or renewal.

Maintenance of certification (MOC) for something as significant as the practice of medicine seems like a harmless enough idea.

But for physicians across the country who dedicate thousands of hours to study, earn licensure, achieve board certification, and practice medicine, MOC is not only unnecessary but also a resource-consuming mandate that does nothing to improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

The pace has slowed down and Trump's request for a review of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standards could have a big impact on what happens longer term. Other countries aren’t waiting for consumers to make the move.


Some experts, however, believe that more affordable, longer-range electric vehicles could win buyers over, even without U. At least four countries intend to go 100 percent zero-emissions vehicles — which could mean either BEVs or hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles: While it has not laid out formal plans to block sales of internal combustion vehicles, China has been pushing ever closer.

Even before the total ban on internal combustion engines was proposed, Paris was laying out plans to end sales of diesel vehicles which have taken much of the blame for that city’s worsening smog problem.



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