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“What they’re looking at is the totality of the situation in front of them,” he said.

Mursal’s visit would be more than just a fun trip, Cordola said.

She is learning English, more songs, about the subtleties of rhythm and pitch. Cordola also teaches the kids songs to help “raise their social consciousness.” One of the new songs they’re learning is about Alaa, a little girl in Yemen who died of malnutrition.

“They can relate to something like that,” Cordola said.

They eventually were granted a “parole,” a one-time temporary entry for humanitarian reasons.



He’s had to move several times within the city because of bombings, gunfights and security risks.

Last month, Wilson and his wife, Melinda, invited Mursal to visit them Oct. visa has been denied twice, Cordola said, speaking by phone from Kabul. Cordola met the girl’s family after a suicide bomber took the lives of several people including her sisters Khorshid, a 15-year-old skateboarding sensation and Parwana, 11, who had dreams of becoming a doctor.

14 at the final concert of the singer’s current world tour, at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. Mursal and her sisters were among street kids who sold scarves, bracelets, chewing gum and other trinkets out of knapsacks to G. A journey to Mursal’s dilapidated home in 2014 inspired Cordola to relocate to Kabul.

“Music helps you take a horrible situation and offer a humble prayer.


It's hard to make microbes, telescopes, and math calculations appear sexy.S., applicants must show they have strong ties to return to their home country, which may include family, employment, education or professional connections.


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