Il y a des enfants debout ici Les bras tendus vers le ciel Des larmes sèchent sur leurs visages Il est passé par là.

Des frères sont étendus dans des tombes de fortune. Une nation indifférente à leur honte, Depuis qu'il est passé par là : X2 Et je ne vois pas de courage Plus aucun courage dans vos yeux Seulement de la tristesse Des maisons brûlées effondrées, L'odeur de la mort est dans l'air Une femme pleurant de désespoir dit : Il est passé par ici Un projecteur balayant le ciel C'est le tour d'autres familles de mourir Un enfant ayant même peur de crier dit : Il est passé par ici.


Aired 7-8p ET • Opioids Were Involved In Prince`s Death; New Rules On What Relatives Have To Do To Get At Prince`s Millions; Police Say The UCLA Shooter Knew Whom He Wanted To Murder Including His Own Wife, Who Has Been Found Dead; A Teacher Admits To Having Sex Almost Every Day With Her Eight Grade Student • The Latest On The Johnny Depp Divorce Drama; First A Murder-Suicide At An Office In The Engineering Department Building At UCLA This Morning Here In Los Angeles; A Newly Released 911 Calls Revealed These Terrifying Moments; A Livid Husband Rushing Home On The Hunt For This Guy Who Police Say Tried To Rape His Wife In Their Apartment; Johnny Manziel`s Behavior Continues To Confuse And Frighten Some Of His Supporters.

Aired 7-8p ET • New Details About The Orlando Nightclub Killer And His Inner Circle; Shooting Survivor, Orlando Torres, Who Hid In A Bathroom Stall During The Attack Heard The Gunman`s Conversations; Survival`s Guilt: A Man Who Lived To Tell, Says He Cannot Enjoy Anything Now; Parent Shaming After The Gator Attack At The Disney Resort; Facing A Flurry Of Questions Today After The Death Of 2-Year-Old Lane Graves On Their Property; A Woman Who Said She Saw An Alligator At The Lagoon During A Recent Visit To The Disney Resort; A Plead From The Stanford Rapist`s Desperate Mom Who Holds Nothing Back While Defending Her Son.

Soil Since 9/11 American History; The Motive Behind That Massacre, Was It Terror Inspired By Home Homophobic Hate?

Die geile Pinky June ist auch einen Live Sex Cam Besuch wert.


Am besten schaust du auch mal bei den Sexcams der kostenlosen Schlampen vorbei, denn online bumsen, ist besser als offline nichts tun.…Aired 7-8p ET • Unarmed Black Man Shot by Police is Behavioral Therapist Attempting to Help a Patient; Revenge Plot Examined; More Details on Baton Rouge Shooter; Pregnant Orange County Woman Brutally Attacked in Her Own Home • The Mother Accused Of Using Facebook While Driving Seconds Before Crashing Her Car, Killing Her Daughter And Two Nieces, Found Not Guilty In Their Deaths; Police And Teenager Prostitute Reveals All About How She Brought Down An Entire Department In A Sex Scandal; Johnny Manziel Says He Is Going To Get Sober • Updates on Terror Attack at Istanbul`s Airport; Authorities Point Finger at ISIS; New Developments in Mother Who Killed Her Daughters; Man Who Donated Sperm for Free; 4-Month-Old Baby With Cocaine In Her System; A Television Personality And The Intern He Married Are Making News.


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