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Lipfird told the Harlan Daily Enterprise that he and his deputies received no pay for the show.

Auditors also disallowed more than ,000 in charges for cellphones.

An audit covering 2012 said another finding — that Lipfird registered vehicles used in drug investigations under fake names — will be referred to the state Transportation Cabinet.

Lipfird did not respond to the audit findings, and efforts to reach him Monday were not successful.

The state's highest court set rules in 1958 for judging the propriety of spending by local fee officials, according to the audits.

Marvin Lipfird, who left office at the end of the year, should repay the money to accounts in his old office, auditors recommended.He claims that the amount of questions a woman asks you can be a great indicator of her interest.“If you can maintain her gaze, provoke her touch and elicit more questions during conversation, you're on the right path.” Women who are aware of certain body language signifiers can alter them or hide them, but there are physiological signs of attraction that aren’t as easy to disguise.She could be timing her breaks with yours so she can spend more time with you.

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The Office of Title IX serves students, faculty and staff to ensure the University of Pikeville’s commitment to uphold a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and stalking) and discrimination based on sex.


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