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The Research and Evaluation Initiative emphasizes researcher-practitioner partnerships that can identify effective strategies and lead to sustainable ways of responding to sexual assault, domestic and dating violence and stalking, and reducing the harmful impact of these crimes on victims and communities.“These new research and evaluation studies are critical because they focus on issues that are extremely understudied – such as culturally-specific programs for Latina victims, the effects of victimization on incarcerated women, restorative justice and gender bias,” said OVW Principal Deputy Director Bea Hanson, Ph. “The more we identify approaches and models that effectively work with specific populations, the more effective we can be in helping victims find the justice they need and deserve.” OVW’s Research and Evaluation Initiative is developing a comprehensive understanding of what we know about the effectiveness of approaches funded by the VAWA and determine which practices require a closer look and further study. University of California, Los Angeles, 9,998: A study of the effects of violence and victimization on incarcerated women and an evaluation of a program designed to reduce the recurrence of violence and victimization in their lives. Washington University, 9,980: An evaluation of an approach to using cognitive processing therapy in rape crisis centers. Community Health and Social Services Center, 8,339: A study of how a culturally-specific program for Latina victims of domestic and sexual violence meets victims’ self-defined needs. University of New Hampshire, 8,857: A study of a trauma-informed residential program for victims of domestic violence who struggle with substance use disorders. International Rescue Committee Inc., 4,666: A study of the experiences, service needs and help-seeking strategies of refugees, asylum-seekers and other newly-arrived immigrants who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. University of Kentucky Research Foundation, 9,999: An examination of the healing and self-sufficiency benefits of an agriculture-based program for residents of a domestic violence shelter. Portland State University, 0,000: A study of patterns and disparities in the family court experiences of litigants from cultural and linguistic minority groups. Sam Houston State University, 3,049: An evaluation of a training program for all sworn law enforcement personnel in an urban police department on the Justice Department’s guidance on gender-bias policing. Fund for the City of New York, 1,720: A survey of programs that use restorative justice to address domestic violence and the development of guidelines for these programs.He called himself an Ordained Minister, should have been a Sailor, he had the language down pat.I met the girl( lady now) in question omce, and saw her a few times at the office's when we had mtgs about the Doomed Tower".i had been to the tower site a few times the tower was put up twisted and i meant twisted the day it fell they were rying to pull it straight with a tractor i worked master control there for a little while he should be out next yr if i remember right.John Pricewhile i worked thewas full of him self but changed before he got busted i dont defend what he did i dont care if she was 14 or 18 you cant be 30 and sleep with a little girl also Cindy hs wis was the most beautiful woman inside and out i have met and he treated her like a dog.Isnt there a inmate website that would have his location, photo and information on it. I remember hearing him brag about how he'd met his wife when they were both very they'd gotten married and never "been with" anybody else...said that so many women were "jealous" of her because she'd met her husband at such a young age.....! Let's hope she's had some singing lessons since she lived here.I've wondered so many times what happened to him ~ last I heard, he'd been apprehended TAKING FLYING LESSONS ~ he was planning to fly out of the USA! I noticed this bio on her conveniently omitted her marriage to John Price:



And i remember directly after he was arrested his father who was the pastor of that church died of a broken heart. I remember she was one of those beauty pageant chics and she was okay looking but i saw footage of her during the trial and she was extremely haggard looking. If people keep their lives in order and stay out of trouble, they really don't have to worry about such thing!

He wasnt happy that he had a pretty wife, he had to have a Mistress also.


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