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Locke’s venture comes after a very public coming out after viewers of the reality television programme saw him date women including Topshop heiress Chloe Green and model Ashley James, come out as bisexual and then say he was a gay man last year.

“We feel it will affect sex workers’ lives and safety,” said Jean Mc Donald, director of Maggie’s: Toronto Sex Worker’s Action Project, who expressed her concerns in a letter to Meilleur.

You may as well as hand her the soiled boner bag, give her a hug and take her shoe shopping. As tempting as it is to stand by your buddy and tell his woman exactly where she can put that 3-inch hot pink acrylic talon, it won't raise any brownie points with either of them. At that point you leave the house, call the police and refer to rule #3 when the rest of the guys ask how he got those scars.

Sex worker advocates are warning Ontario Attorney General Madeleine Meilleur that Canada’s new controversial prostitution law will “force people in the sex trade in harm’s way.” Meilleur is reviewing Bill C-36 and will file a report on the law to Premier Kathleen Wynne, who has expressed “grave concerns” about the federal Conservative government’s latest effort to deal with prostitution.

From the tried and true (don't date your bro's ex) to the unsaid that should be said (don't get in the way of your bro's game), there are plenty of relevant man laws here for all bros to abide by.

But for those who are embarking on the Bromance Barge for the first time, take heed. Even if you think he's a worthless walking pile of herpes - you still can't touch her. A true man will always give his buddies a way out of stuff they don't want to deal with.

“I have had a really struggling coming out session in the last 10 years, it has obviously been quite well-documented but I didn’t really know what I was doing and I struggled.


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    Parents talk about their concerns with increasing independence and the importance of staying in touch with what their children are doing.

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