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CAM programmers work completely differently with CAD software and need other functions that allow them to prepare CAD models in the best possible way for efficient NC programming.

With its hyper CAD-S software, the CAM provider, OPEN MIND, has designed and developed its own new CAD software right from scratch that is perfectly designed to fulfil the special requirements placed by CAM programmers on CAD software.


Also watch Eyewitness News on weekends at - a.m., -10 a.m., - p.m. Watch Eyewitness News weekdays at - a.m., - p.m., - p.m., and - p.m. (may be delayed due to college football on Saturdays in the fall).The longest totality will last at any location is less than three minutes, but some feeds will have dozens of cameras sprinkled across the country.On solar-eclipse day, the space agency's main feed is going to be epic.Also watch Eyewitness News on weekends at - a.m., -10 a.m., - p.m. NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, we are not permitted to stream sports coverage.

What are the advantages of CAM software that is integrated in a CAD system?If you're not planning to travel and brave the traffic, though, there will be plenty of ways to watch a livestreamed video of the eclipse.


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