Updating an unlocked iphone 3g

Be sure to read the i Phone Dev Team's notes on the use of their unlocking program, ultrasn0w here.Download redsn0w from the i Phone Dev Team's blog post here. Note: Safari likes to open "safe" files by default.For heavy data users, T-Mobile’s a month plan for 100 voice minutes and unlimited SMS and data ranks among the best.However, if you require additional voice minutes, T-Mo offers and plans for which include unlimited everything, although data gets throttled after 2GB and 5GB, respectively. You have to go to the bottom of their prepaid page to find their “Pay by the day” plans. In terms of total value, the T-Mobile plan provides the best bang for your buck.

After the policy shift, T-Mo users can purchase subsidized phones independent of a monthly...

These tutorials represent experience as an i Phone owner in the United States. There is no way I could create a tutorial to cover every possible scenario out there.

So you are just going to have to roll with it, if your experience doesn't perfectly match these instructions.

Here’s the secret: You don’t have to renew with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.

There are alternatives called MVNOs who lease spectrum wholesale from the big players and resell to the consumer at a much lower rate.UPDATE#1: Push Notifications Not Working on i OS 4.3.x After Using SAM?



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