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Another problem is related to OS X's incremental approach to updates.Since Software Update only downloads and installs system files that need to be updated, you can end up with some files being out of date with respect to other system files.Again, neither of these options installs updates automatically: they just set whether the system should look for updates regularly, and whether the system should download those updates when available.

There’s no right or wrong way to configure all of this: it’s all about balancing your tolerance for for pop-ups with your desire to control when and how updates are installed.This can result in infrequent system or application freezes, or the inability of an application to launch.Although the Software Update problem is infrequent, and most Mac users will never see it, if you're having some unexplained issues with your Mac, the Software Update problem could be the culprit.Eliminating it as a possibility is very easy to do.

You can use the OS X combo update to bring your system up to date, and in the process, replace most of the key system software files with the most current versions included in the updater.How this works varies from application to application: many will show you a simple notification when an update is available, allowing you to download and install updates in one click.



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