Updating passenger

To make your builds reproducible, make # sure you lock down to a specific version, not to `latest`!

# See https://github.com/phusion/passenger-docker/blob/master/for # a list of version numbers.

CMD ["/sbin/my_init"] # If you're using the 'customizable' variant, you need to explicitly opt-in # for features. Your application should be placed inside /home/app. It changes Nginx into an application server and runs your app from Nginx.

Before using Passenger, you should familiarise yourself with it by reading its documentation. So to get your web app up and running, you just have to add a virtual host entry to Nginx which describes where you app is, and Passenger will take care of the rest.

When Passenger was running in Apache integration mode, and a user uploaded a file larger than 4GB faster than the disk write speed on the server, and the buffer limit was reached, Passenger would crash.

We fixed that, closing GH-1620, and limited per-client buffer memory usage to 130 KB.

And please be aware that you can enjoy enterprise features and sponsor the open source development directly by buying Phusion Passenger Enterprise.

Failing to produce within that period of time is another offence, even if you do actually hold a licence.



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