Updating twitter via mobile


On top of managing media inquiries on these cars, he also tweets about them; updating with cool news and exchanging tweets and pics with car enthusiasts.He's on Twitter because he wanted to be a part of the online dialogue around Chevrolet saying, "People especially love to talk about their cars: good or bad." Stats: 156 following/573 followers When asked about a great Twitter story: "I could talk for a long time about how I Twittered for hours on end helping to clarify misconceptions about GM during the loan hearings!We've handpicked 40 of the best brands experimenting with the micro-blogging platform, and asked them a few short questions about how they're using Twitter.If some of their responses seem short, well that's because they are.

Twitter is a great way to talk to many, but even better for listening." Stats: 10,771 following/10,076 followers So why is Jet Blue tweeting?

According to Christi, Southwest, an early Twitter adopter, "had been blogging for more than a year when we discovered and joined Twitter in July 2007.



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