Who is dale earnhardt jr dating today

She even does the exercises that I'm doing just to be healthy herself." Dale Earnhardt Jr. Earnhardt chuckled when asked if he and Reimann had to alter plans, including their offseason wedding. "Yeah, we've got some great things that me and her are going to do this offseason that I'm excited about," he said. We're very fortunate that our plans are going to work out just fine." Sunday's media conference was Earnhardt's second trip to the track since he decided he needed medical attention after July 9's race at Kentucky.He missed the first of six races at New Hampshire on July 17. Looking forward to the rest of our lives @Amy_Reimann.Earnhardt and Reimann had dated since 2009 and got engaged in June 2015 while on vacation in Germany.

@Dale Jr." The wedding took place in North Carolina at Childress Vineyards, owned by NASCAR race team owner Richard Childress.

The second goal is Dale becoming a racecar driver again.

married longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann on Saturday night on New Year's Eve in front of family and friends, including many fellow NASCAR drivers. #honeymooners," the 42-year-old Earnhardt tweeted early Sunday morning.

"I was very ill and it was hard to enjoy even the simplest activities.

But in the past couple of weeks I've really gotten to where I feel a lot more comfortable about going out and doing and being out an about and being observed." Earnhardt said simple trips to the store were a challenge.And that's why I feel awesome at home because there's no anxiety or issues at home.



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