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In 1992, the he became known as 'the man who broke the bank of England' when his aggressive speculation against the sterling sent it crashing out of the European exchange mechanism.

He also has a 2002 conviction of insider trading in France, a verdict he described as a 'gift to my enemies'.

'To go on what you read and hear these days, Soros seems to be responsible for every political upheaval,' said German political analyst Ulf Brunnbauer.'He makes an excellent scapegoat for increasingly authoritarian regimes as someone who's invested a lot of money into philanthropy and represents capitalism.'Another Hungarian law hastily approved in April threatens to shut down the Soros-founded Central European University in Budapest.

Across Hungary, government-backed billboards have popped up showing the magnate as a puppeteer pulling the strings of an opposition politician, a motif associated with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.'His (religious) background is irrelevant to the central issue, which is that an increasing number of governments...

This picture taken on March 20 in Skopje, Macedonia, shows a protest against Soros.

A 'Stop Operation Soros' campaign emerged in Macedonia.


We now know that if anyone was "collusion" with Russia, whatever that is, it was Hillary and Bill, and all their minions. To celebrate its first National Security Education Day on Nov. we are witnessing firsthand the new hybrid warfare of the 21st century — cyberattacks, disinformation, financial shenanigans, social media manipulation and corruption — a combination of weapons for which the West has yet to find an effective defense. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat, would begin to roll back warrantless encroachments on our international communications privacy authorized by section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments of 2008.

The growing hatred nationalists and conservatives the world over towards liberal billionaire George Soros has been detailed by a series of political experts.

Those who oppose Soros and accuse him of being a 'puppetmaster' claim the American financier-cum-philanthropist has successfully manufactured Europe's migration crisis, backed a coup in Macedonia and sponsored protests in Hungary. From the Kremlin via Skopje to the power corridors of Washington, the Hungarian-born Jewish immigrant is public enemy number one of nationalists around the globe.

Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are speaking out on this week's stunning Dancing With the Stars results, and they're pissed.

Sure, they're a little bit more diplomatic about it than we might be, but it's abundantly clear they agree with the Internet on this assessment: There's a special new addition to the Dancing With the Stars family!

Similar attacks have been particularly vicious in his birth country Hungary, which on Tuesday is set to pass a controversial anti-NGO bill seen as directly targeting his foundation.



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